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Here at Mind of a Marketer – we focus in on two major services. 


Rank Better Get Traffic

SEO In Plain English
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing your webpages, and content such that google deems it relevant for people looking to solve a problem. There are many best practices that we follow to ensure your page hits higher in google (and therefore gets more attention from people) however boiling it down cuts it into two major parts: Content and Links.

Now due to the manner in which we do this – we work well with other SEO companies. We write the content that makes your site rank, but it’s up to your site to convert them into a customer or members of your community.

Competitive Analysis

Not Sure Where To Market Next?

Marketing By The Numbers
You know you need to do marketing but you’re not sure where to start? Maybe you’re in a competitive niche, and aren’t sure where to specialize in for your future content marketing?

Enter: Competitive Analysis

Learn more about your own business. Answer questions like – what’s my competition’s best source of traffic? What are the most shared articles in my space? Who are the most influential people in my arena? Who should I be partnering with? What content should we focus on building next? Are we bidding on the right keywords for both paid and organic? Answer all of these questions and much more in the competitive analysis program.

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