Facilitated Networking Games Admission


Let’s face it, when it come to your business, you can’t do everything by yourself and your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum seal.

You need raving customers, the right people, partners and team to back you up.

The problem is how do you find the right people?

Yearly memberships to networking groups running at $850 to over $1,000 seems a bit steep when you could use that money for your company.

What if there’s a community of the right people for you?

A place where you belong without paying a steep price tag.

We connect like-minded people together organically without the awkward silence or hard sales pitches that turn everyone off.

Instead, you have a potential to meet your future creatives, developers, investors, business partners in a social setting that was designed for building a community of connections naturally.

This is your invitation to an evening of facilitated networking games on November 5th at Mahoney & Sons at the Waterfront Station.

We’ll provide munchies! (Just show up early enough so we don’t run out)

What to bring?

Your smile and open mind with you best “ask” and “give”, we’ll provide facilitators to guide you.


  • $15/ admission – Before November 1st
  • $20/ admission – Starting November 1st

Limited tickets available register here


  • 6:30-7:00 – Networking & Registration
  • 7:00:-7:30 – Opening Remarks & Intros
  • 7:30- 9:30 – Facilitated Games
  • 9:30-10:00 – More Networking & Wrap Up


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