Pick Your Pricing Plan

Wholesale Pricing on Larger orders available (ask a Rep)

Simple SEO

Starting At

  • Great for those just getting started
  • Links to your home page from relevant and local Real Businesses
  • Complete Control Over which links point to you.
  • Monthly reports – simple to read in an easy to access folder

Local SEO

Starting At

  • Everything from the Simple SEO package.
  • Great for Local Businesses
  • Structured links with Business Name Address and Phone number added
  • Relevant links from Local REAL Businesses – directly to your content pages.
  • Content Push starting month 2 with content boost
  • Constant citation boosts month over month

National SEO

Starting At

  • All of the Local SEO Features
  • Double the linking power
  • Rank nationwide without the local modifiers
  • Monthly SEO Audits
  • Optional Additional content is written to strengthen page authority
  • Optional Additional link strategies to guest blog posts

Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes the content?

Part of our strategy is hiring retired English teachers, and teaching them how to write using LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) and best SEO Practices. That way your article additions are always top quality and have a high readability score.

Where do you get links from?

The next part of our strategy is sourcing links from our own client base. They're relevant, local, and best of all REAL. No PBN's or black hat techniques in our packages. Just results for small and medium businesses alike.

What about citations?

Depending on the package you select – citations are included in your links that also depict your site, a short description, a link (mix of follow/nofollow and reciprocal/non-reciprocal), and the standard Business Name / Address and Phone Number

Are there contracts?

No, we're month to month – with just a 30 day heads up on cancellation. So rest assured our system is easy to setup, and easy to part ways with as well. We strive to give our customers the best experience meeting and parting so we keep the business relationships strong and long lasting.

Do you have exclusivity?

Yes and no. We're happy to work with up to 2 types of client per city location as there's usually more than enough keywords for 2 players in any given market. Different businesses also have different specialities.  At which point we don't take any new clients in that space unless one gives up their spot. At certain volumes of keywords we're also happy to negotiate exclusivity for a particular niche in a particular area. 

Are there setup fees?

It depends on what types of services you need, how much work is required on your website, and how competitive your space is. The setup represents the initial amount of work and inertia required to push your momentum forward. Some set ups can be waived with certain volumes of keywords as well. Work with your sales rep to figure out the best package that fits your needs. 

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