Claiming your Digital Real Estate

One of the things to consider when running your business, or your own personal brand is claiming your digital real estate. It's a list of a few basic steps you can take to gain control of how people find and perceive your business online.


First – it's claiming your username / trademark / brand / business name / product names and more across all of the potential social media and web 2.0 websites where the internet gathers its data from. There's over 500 of these websites available. We've compiled a list – and if you watch the video – you can grab a copy of the list for free. Just connect with us on our site: and ask 🙂

Next – it's ensuring all of the listings and posts have the right information using the right formatting. Believe it or not, the way you spell your street name makes a big difference.

Once you've got these listings – it's putting out content on the listings to gain an omni-presence on a budget. Getting interviewed and then sharing the interview is a great example of doing this.

At Mind of a Marketer, we've got a few more steps you can take to claim your digital real estate and make sure you show up on the top. Check out our offerings on Accelerated SEO, Drop Pin SEO, and Reputation Management (if you don't want to have to register all of these locations yourself).

Watch the video to see the whole presentation if it's something of interest.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Earl Flormata

Evil Marketing Genius at Mind of a Marketer

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